Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Am I being paranoid?! Coincidences...

Now, I know this probably didn't come about on purpose, though it is quite ironic that a call for fixing an existing system (traffic congestion, unsafe pedestrian conditions, etc...) is being handled by an agency (i.e., SFMTA-San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority) thats system is quite imperfect itself.

FACT: Notices for the August 31, 2007 hearing were posted one week prior to the meeting (August 24, 2007) Apparently, this was not sufficient notice, per their requirements.

FACT: I posted at least 6 copies of the on-line version of the Public Hearing Notice, together with my flyer opposing the installation of the White Zone on August 24, 2007; additional copies were posted on Monday, August 2007.

FACT: On Monday, August 27, a Public Hearing Notice for a meeting to be held on September 17, 20o7 (regarding meters on Clement Street being extended from 1 to 2 hours) was posted on many of the same poles I posted to-ON TOP of my flyer stating my opposition to the White Zone. Quite curious, really...I'm happy to report that poles I had posted to that did not have the first Public Hearing notice, had now been posted with the Sept. 17 Public Hearing Notices (and yes, on top of my flyer...but hey-they left the Renaissance Fair poster uncovered!)

FACT: Though the Public Hearing Meeting held on August 31, 2007 was taped for the records, the microphone had to be turned off part-way through the meeting, which MAY affect the quality of the recording.

Yeah, I was all a bunch of circumstances that had nothing to do with anything. But in my little world, were somehow all related...

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