Monday, September 3, 2007

Will we be heard?!

What is sad is that I grew up with the notion (and was taught the same in school...) that democracy works and that we live in a democratic society. That the "needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. Or one."-WHOOPS! Sorry, that was Star Trek! I think Spock, actually...but I think you get my drift? Or, rather, that "Public Hearing " meetings were to give equal voice to all affected by a proposed action. And that banning together, we can affect change! But then again, that is the technical theory and I (being a civil servant myself) should understand that often it is the process an entity must follow. The intent behind a law or policy gets lost. But yet, I digress and one must acknowledge that what was once proposed as 80 feet of White Zone for a solid 9 hour period has now become 60 feet, 2 hours every weekday.

But I have yet to understand-why will taking away 3 parking spaces make the drop-off/pick-up plan work? I still say the existing problem is HUMAN BEHAVIOR-based and that HUMAN BEHAVIOR is what will make the plan a success.

So this is my plan:

  • I am still OPPOSING the White Zone-purely from principle! Like I earlier stated, there is ALREADY a 200 ft. White Zone in the rear-taking away 3 long-term parking spaces in an area that has very little LONG-TERM (meaning you can leave your car parked there for more than a 12-hour period) parking. Of course, the parents who drive in from areas where parking is easier, or who, perhaps don't have to deal with this issue because their living arrangement provides parking can easily wonder what the big deal is over "3 little parking spaces".

Well, for one thing, "3" spaces by 20 foot terms could actually provide parking for 4 cars. For another thing, it represents that many less spaces for those of us needing it to compete for. BTW, if you don't live on this block but live in the immediate area, we WILL be migrating to your block for our parking needs, thank-you very much!

  • I urge any of you who dare to try and maintain your rights to have a say in our neighborhood and/or this issue that concerns you to sound-out! How, you may ask?
    • FAX a letter to the City Engineer ar 415-701-4737
    • Attend the Public Hearing Meeting on September 14, 2007, 10am at CITY HALL, RM. 416
    • Leave your comments here-I will present them at the hearing on the 14th
  • And, speaking of "principles", contact THE PRINCIPAL of Alamo Elementary School:
    • Ms. Pamela Gire, 250-23rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121; phone 415-750-8456
    • Voice your concern that the neighbors were not consulted nor considered in this "plan" she is supporting
    • Remind her that the Alamo School Community reaches far beyond their school yard

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